We are all human. We all have a story. Together we are the change.


Our monthly gatherings include food, music, games, haircuts, clothing ‘shops’, birthday celebrations, & providing toiletries and other necessities.


We organise monthly ‘socials’ that are a platform for allowing homeless individuals a space to have some fun & feel ‘human.’


Souper Troopers is an inclusive environment in which everybody is treated with respect and seen as having something to contribute #humanbeforehomeless.


In June 2014, Kerry Hoffman spent a day sharing soup and sandwiches with people living on the street. This proved so transformative that, together with volunteers – both homefull and homeless, she continued doing so every month and Souper Troopers was born.

Souper Troopers provides specific events and services that allow the homeless to be seen and heard. Our aim is to share dignity, love and respect while empowering the Troopers to make sustainable changes in their lives.

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