1.   This fund is closed to applications other than those from organisations in our network.  
2.   Please only fill out this form if you have been told by us after 3 June 2020 that you are a Souper Troopers beneficiary.


  • NOTE: This is the number of times per week that you prepare food, multiplied by the number of people you feed at each meal. eg. 7 lunches per week for 100 people each time = 700 meals per week.
  • NOTE: 85% of each donation must be spent on food and gas (no beverages, no expensive meat). A maximum of 15% may be spent on airtime/petrol combined as long as the airtime or petrol is necessary to operate the feeding scheme.
  • Drop files here or
      Please make sure that we can't see children's faces.
    • Drop files here or
        For every receipt, we need to be able to see clearly the name of the shop, the date, what you bought and the total spent. If necessary, upload more than one picture of a long invoice. REMEMBER: 85% of the donation must be spent on food. A maximum of 15% may be spent on gas/petrol/airtime. NB: If your receipts aren't clear or don't add up to the full amount of the previous donation, it will be rejected.
      • PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to use CashSend, Absa will send you a login number and the pin number will be 123456 (please write this down). Also, there is a daily limit to how much we can send via CashSend so please be patient.