Become a Souper Star

This campaign is for individuals who’d like to donate a set amount each month.

You can do this by setting up a stop order from your bank account into Souper Troopers, or by selecting the monthly option on either Zapper or Snapscan.

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Become a Souper Champion

We’ve set up a BackaBuddy campaign to raise the funds we need to establish our Souper Troopers Headquarters. We are looking for champions to help us reach our target. Champions dedicate their special milestones (birthday, anniversary), sporting events (marathons, fun runs, cycles, swims) or any other occasion they choose to Souper Troopers and ask their family, friends and colleagues to donate towards their campaign.

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Become a Souper Hero

This campaign is for companies to sponsor monthly events, particular projects or donate towards our Souper Troopers Headquarters fund and social enterprises.

Get in touch by clicking the button below.

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Become a Souper Trooper

There are so many ways to get involved with Souper Troopers.

You can:

  • volunteer at our social events
  • help us with marketing and social media
  • provide logistic support (transporting goods and storing them)
  • fundraise
  • take photographs or videos at our social events
  • donate food or clothing
  • donate beading supplies for our Souper Market
  • get involved with setting up our social enterprises
  • offer business expertise
  • find the right premises for our Souper Troopers HQ
  • tell us how you’d like to be involved!
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